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Where the Garbage Goes - DVD

Where the Garbage Goes - DVD
Item #: DVD05


Where does our garbage go and why recycle? Now your kids can jump into the drivers seat of all the haulers, grinders, dozers, loaders and compactors used at a state-of-the-art waste handling facility. Don't let the title fool you, this video has all the big earth moving machines Road Construction Ahead has! Our friendly host, George, is back on the job giving kids a behind-the-scenes look at all the awesome heavy equipment they love. Go to work with George and the crew on mountains of rubbish and recycling! Kids learn why it is important to recycle. (Special land-fill odors not included)

A parent's praise for Where the Garbage Goes:

"Where the Garbage Goes is the best video EVER. My 3 year old son is glued to the screen whenever we play that dvd. Our family owns a waste hauling company in CT and my son has learned so much from your video about "daddy's work". My husband loves to watch it with him and they talk about composting, etc.. Thanks for the best GARBAGE video out there."

Karen Albreada, Albreada Waste, LLC, Connecticut

Where the Garbage Goes - DVD