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Road Construction Ahead DVD

Road Construction Ahead DVD
Item #: DVD01


This is the video that started it all, and the video that everyone has tried to imitate. Thirty minutes of non-stop road-building action, from the surveyors staking out the job site to the first car traveling down the finished highway. A friendly host named George, entertains and educates kids as they watch real construction workers, the heavy machinery, blasting equipment and the tools used in every step of a road-building project. This video has become a classic, and was ranked in the top-ten best videos in Parent's Magazines' Guide To The Best Family Videos. Running time: 30 minutes.

A mom's praise for 'Road Construction Ahead': "We've watched almost all the construction/truck/rescue videos out there. As you know, I'm sure, your movies really stand out -- they are far more educational and entertaining than all the others. Our toddler is in a 'road construction" phase, and watches your movie over and over. Fortunately, we find them just as entertaining and interesting as he does." - Angela, Michigan

Road Construction Ahead DVD